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1210 Patriot Drive. Rincon, GA 31326

Food Donation Shopping list

On your next trip to the supermarket would you like to help Manna House? Feel free to take a look at our shopping list! All of these products could help us feed the community!
Click the link below for food donation shopping list!

food distribution

Wednesday 9:00am – 11:00am

Line up at Macomber ballpark in Rincon
Anyone in need can register to be helped, must do so in person at the ballpark during distribution times.

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Volunteer of the year 2021

Ray Parker

Ray began volunteering in 2019, exactly one year before the COVID-19 pandemic started. He fell in love with the food pantry. A shelter in place order caused him to stay home during the height of the pandemic, but soon as it was lifted, he was anxious to get back to volunteering each week. He clocked in almost 200 hours that year. Due to the pandemic, the workload and demands at Manna House have increased tremendously. He stepped up as a strong leader using good organizational skills to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. With a determined spirit, he does not let age, aches or pains, or other limitations stop him from putting others first. He works wherever needed and brings a joyful attitude each time he volunteers.

Through his example, he has increased awareness to others to give back as well. Ray challenges his Bible groups and friends at church to join him in volunteering. He has been instrumental in recruiting 19 volunteers to help the food pantry. Ray is a retired minister and truly has a heart for giving and helping others. He is an avid gardener and often brings a truckload of plants or home canning food items to share with other volunteers. Ray is a veteran and served in the Navy Submarine Service, He is an active member of Rincon First Christian. Ray has been married to his wife, Joyce, for 53 years, they have two daughters and six grandchildren. Manna House has seen many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ray Parker has been a beacon of encouragement to us and is a valuable part of our team.